Fed Meeting Today

I wonder if they will be serving tea and crumpets?  Actually… what is a crumpet?  I digress.

 I think CNBC will soon be parading the Fonz, Beaver Cleaver, and Steve Austin “The Six Million Dollar Man” on the show to get their opinion on what the Fed will do.  I will be at the gym.

Bottom line: If your portfolio and your finances are dependent on a single Federal Reserve meeting, you need some help. 

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One Comment on “Fed Meeting Today”

  1. doghog Says:

    These clowns on the tube are about as informative as most infomerical on the TV. Absoultely worthless. I agree, asset allocation and diverification is key. Like you say Chris, slow and steady. The many problem I have is everyone says this but when one starts looking for information on how to truely achieve this it is another matter. Most info is 60% stocks and 30% bonds and 10% cash if you 45-55yo. This is nice but not real informative. What about real estate, minerals, intenational stocks, intenational bonds ect. Where is the best place to find detailed information?

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