Obama…Bull Excrement We Can Believe In

The Obama Economic Manifesto reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Homer decides to run for the head of Springfield’s garbage department. 

Homer embarks on a populist campaign where he promises the sun, the moon and the stars to all of Springfield’s residents…from Wikipedia.

A local department store, Costington’s, announces the formation of a new summer holiday intended to boost sales: Love Day. The Simpsons celebrate it, but the vast amount of packaging it produces causes the garbage to build up. When Homer eventually takes it out he is infuriated with the garbage men as they drive away without collecting the Simpson family’s trash. He insults the men, and in response, the family’s garbage service is cut off, leading to the Simpsons’ garbage piling up on their front lawn. As the mess continues to grow, Marge tells Homer to apologize for the remark, but he insists on doing things his way.

Homer awakes one morning to find that the pile of trash at the front of the house has been removed and learns that Marge had written a letter of apology to the Springfield Sanitation Commissioner, forging Homer’s name. In response, Homer goes to see the Sanitation Commissioner, Ray Patterson, demanding the apology to be returned. Patterson tries to be nice to Homer, but Homer insists on fighting, Eventually Homer decides that he will run for Sanitation Commissioner.

Homer begins to promote his campaign. It starts off badly with Homer being beaten up after interrupting a U2 concert, but picks up when Homer, after prompting from Moe, thinks of a slogan for his campaign: “Can’t someone else do it?” Homer spreads his message to the town, which works, leading to his landslide victory in the election. After being sworn in to the office, he shows what he plans to do by singing a parody of “The Candy Man” entitled “The Garbageman Can”.

However, fulfilling his promises proves quite costly and after Homer’s mass spending spree, Mayor Quimbydenounces him for spending the Sanitation Department’s yearly budget in only a month. To solve the money problem Homer gets garbage companies from across America to put their excess rubbish in Springfield’s abandoned mine shaft. The rest of the family warn Homer that this is endangering the town, but he refuses to listen. Eventually the garbage builds up underground and begins to erupt, pouring trash all over the town. At a town hall meeting Homer is booted out of his post and replaced with Ray Patterson, but Patterson declines reinstatement to the position, expressing his amusement at them “wallowing in the mess [they] made.” Quimby then takes extreme measures by moving the entire town five miles down the road from its current site.

Garbage Man Can Lyrics…

I’m really proud of you
Homie but can the garbage man really do all those things you said?
Oh the Garbage man can Marge the Garbage Man can.
::fingers snap::
::melodic note::
::fingers snap again::
Who can take your trash out?
Stomp it down for you?
Shake the plastic bag and do the twisty thingy too?
Oh the Garbage Man can
The Garbage Man can and he does it with a smile and never judges you.
Who can take this diaper?
I don’t mind at all
Who can clean me up before the big policeman’s ball?
yes the garbage man can
The sanitation folks are jolly friendly blokes courteous
and easy going they mop up when your over flowing and tell you when
your arse is showing
Who can…..
Who can…..
Who can…..
Who can…..
‘Cause he’s Homer Simpson Man


According to one of Obama’s campaign big shots Quentin Hardy, Obama’s Manifesto is nothing more than campaign rhetoric. 

Last Thursday Quentin Hardy who also is the Silicon Valley Bureau Chief for Forbes Magazine appeared on CNBC’s Kudlow and Company along with Ken Heebner and Ben Stein.  Ben Stein proceeded to rip Obama’s dangerous and ridiculous economic plan with vigor.  When host Larry Kudlow asked for Hardy’s response, my mouth almost dropped to the floor.

Hardy was pressed on the fact that he is a free market capitalist, how could he go along with this plan.  His ambivalent response was shocking.  He basically stated (paraphrasing) that it was all rhetoric, just campaign talk.

Basically he was saying that Obama’s plan was nothing but vapid rhetoric to get votes.  I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  I know that his manifesto is blatantly ridiculous, but it did make me feel a little more comfortable that a front-runner Presidential candidate does not beleive his own BULL EXCREMENT. 

I have tried to get a video copy of this exchange or a transcript and have come up empty everywhere.  I actually contacted CNBC and they have yet to a respond.  I find this a bit curious . 


We can divide the country into little groups.

We can make more people dependent on the government.

We can say or do anything and make ridiculous promises to get into power.



A government strong enough to give you everything, is strong enough to take everything away.

Thomas Jefferson 

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