Dem/Dumb Debate

First off I would like to applaud Charles Gibson for asking questions of real substance.

Second, Obama is a liberal 1-900 number.  A liberal-talk-hotline that says all the necessary phrases and buzz-words that gets left leaning individuals hot.  There is no substance whatsoever.  I could not believe his inept handling of questions regarding taxes, social security and anything short of Econ 101.  I could handle questions regarding quantum physics with greater ease than the glassed-eyed babble that Obama spewed out about capital gains taxes.

A vote for this man involves the complete suspension of belief in gravity.  Seriously are you Obama supporters on some sort of drug?  Do you HONESTLY believe that this guy is competent to be POTUS?

Hillary Clinton did a horrible job answering the Bosnia flap.  She should have just said I screwed up…period.  Instead she rambled on and on.  She is the antithesis of her husband, not likable at all.

With all the brilliant left-of-center individuals here in the United States, for example: Steve Jobs, Robert Johnson, Warren Buffet, and Joe Lieberman; this is the best the Democratic Party can come up with?

It scares me that either of these candidates are close to becoming POTUS.   

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One Comment on “Dem/Dumb Debate”

  1. prospector4gold Says:

    Hey Chris, I’m a new listener to your radio show and I’m liking what I hear. I think you’re the only person in the talk media that I’ve heard who picked up on the Obama/capital gains charade. James Taranto on is Best of the Web blog mentioned this yesterday. This sham has to be said out loud and clear, repeatedly. A RAISE IN THE CAPITAL GAINS RATE IS A TAX RAISE ON THE MIDDLE CLASS!!! Charlie Gibson gets it. Obama either does not get it or he is a con artist.

    I like your alternative campaign slogan: Obama! BS we can believe in!

    Keep up the good work.
    The Prospector

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