Not only can he change the world by simple uttering the word change. Obama has super-human strength! Read this article that appeared in Bild…





BILD meets Barack in gym before historic Berlin speech I worked out with Obama! He curled 32 kilo dumbbells next to me +++ Barack is top fit +++ He didnt sweat at all

By Judith Bonesky

As thousands waited at the Sieges Saule monument in Berlin to hear Obama’s sensational speech, a BILD reporter met Barack all alone in the gym! Here’s the incredible account of Judith Boneskys meeting

It’s 16:02pm and I’ve been training in the gym of the Ritz Carlton hotel in Berlin. A man in a suit approaches me and says: “Barack Obama is about to come and train … Shortly after half past four and he actually arrives! Barack Obama is wearing a grey t-shirt, black tracksuit bottoms and a great smile!


“Hi, hows it going? asks Obama in his deep voice. My heart beats. “Very good, and you?” I say. Obama replies: “Very good, thank you!”

Obama (with toned arms and a strong back) puts on his headphones for his iPod to listen to pop music. He hums quietly. Then he jumps on a fitness bike. He pushes three times on the pedals but then cant be bothered with it.

He goes and picks up a pair of 16 kilo weights and starts curling them with his left and right arms, 30 repetitions on each side.  Then, amazingly, he picks up the 32 kilo weights! Very slowly he lifts them, first 10 curls with his right, then 10 with his left. He breathes deeply in and out and takes a sip of water from his 0,5 litre Evian bottle.  

Shortly before five o’clock Obama comes over and sits directly next to my cross-trainer on the mat. First he does 10 sit-ups, then stretches. Then he looks at his watch and says to his bodyguard: Its time, lets go. Quickly I ask: Mr. Obama, could I take a photo?. Of course! he answers, before asking my name and coming over to stand next to me.

My names Judith I reply. “I’m Barack Obama, nice to meet you! he says, and puts his arm across my shoulder. I put my arm around his hip wow, he didn’t even sweat! WHAT A MAN!



The author of this piece, Judith Bonesky is a liar!

Unless Obama gets his strength from our yellow sun as people from Krypton do, there is no way in hell that he is doing standing dumbbell curls with 75 pounds; not to mention 10 repetitions.

Lou Ferrigno (the original Incredible Hulk) does 70lbs for 8 reps and his arms were 23 inches round.








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