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Some Observations from the Media Party

August 31, 2008

Yesterday evening I attended the media party held at the Mill Museum on the riverfront in Minneapolis. Most of the attendees were print journalists from around the country and the world, with a few television stars as well.

Some observations:

The media IS IN THE TANK for BHO the magnificent. I was actually involved in some conversations where “journalists” were plotting how they could takedown McCain/Palin. They KNOW that Palin was a very good pick by McCain and are frightened by her.

The media is overwhelmingly socialist. Several debates I was involved in yesterday evening centered on how terribly unfair our capitalist system is. They consistently draw upon Europe as a model; some even cited places such as Cuba and Venezuela as examples we should adapt. It is fun to be involved in these conversations, especially when they start tearing apart business owners and how selfish we are. I love when they start saying how evil and terrible we all are, not realizing that I am one! I love chiming in after a lengthy irrational rant, “Well, I happen to be a business owner and a conservative. Am I evil?” The looks on their face are priceless. FYI…They are coming after you physicians as well! The dogma is that you make too much money and need to stop charging so much.

Profit is a terrible thing and needs to be done away with.

Republicans throw much better parties in regards to parties. Lamb chops, paella, grilled corn on the cob, watermelon gazpacho, portobello salads, BV wines and quality deserts (R) vs. tacos and horse wine (D). No bias here, even the socialists will back me up on this.





Meet the Press

August 31, 2008

Tom Brokaw tried his hardest to teardown Sarah Palin this morning interviewing Tim Pawlenty, Governor of Minnesota. I have to hand it to the Governor he is sticking it to Tom but good. He is doing a terrific job showing the bias in the media from experience to abortion.

DNC Wrap Up

August 30, 2008

I cannot stress enough my utter disappointment with what transpired this past week. I need to call Cosmo Kramer, Mr. Costanza to call an emergency Festivas.

The airing of my grievances…

  1. Lack of Participation

    The Democrats are the biggest bunch of pansies I have ever seen. I was looking foreword to the DNC so I could inquire, challenge and learn more about their policies and plans for our country. For the most part, any host on radio row that was deemed moderate or right of center, you were ignored. I had guests like Senators Evan Bayh, and Claire McCaskill, cancel on me at the last minute to go on friendly liberal talkers. If you are confident in your convictions and beliefs why won’t you explain then and debate them? I have come to the conclusion that they are the party of platitudes, metaphors, sound bites, slogans, and lies. I don’t bite! I just know my stuff and I won’t let BS go unchallenged and that doesn’t sit well with these mental midgets. Sorry if you don’t like what you are hearing but it’s all true, and if the RNC pulls the same crap I will let you know about it.


  2. The Main Stream Media is Pathetic

    I cannot underestimate how “In the Tank” the mainstream press is for BHO the magnificent. When he showed up on Wednesday evening after Joe Biden speech he came through the Pepsi center near the area where all the print reporters (NYT, AP, Reuters etc.) were seated. They gave him a standing ovation and cheered him on. THEY ARE NOT COMMENTATORS! They are supposed to be journalists and unbiased in their coverage; which is just not even close to being the case. MSNBC is so bad, that it is literally a branch of the BHO campaign. I also caught journalists from Germany and Spain wearing BHO shirts and hats. As well, there was a lot of drama and problems at the convention between both the Clinton and BHO camps, a lot more than was being reported on in the press.


  3. Treatment on Radio Row

    If we cannot bring food into the DMZ around the Pepsi center by your rules, the least you could do is provide us with something to eat. Their hospitality was deplorable.


  4. Welcome to Beijing

    Free speech was banned from the city of Denver this past week. I do not agree with the message of most of the convention protesters, or some of their tactics; but I certainly believe they have the right to say it. Walling them off and keeping them away from the Pepsi Center in little “free speech zones” was eerily reminiscent of China’s during the Olympics. How dare we criticize them when, we essentially just did the exact same thing in Denver?


    Another story that is getting very little press was the literal takeover of the Denver police department by the DNC. A reporter who was taking pictures of lobbyists taking Democrat bigwigs out to fancy dinners was taken down, put in chokehold, and camera confiscated. HE WAS TAKING PICTURES FROM THE SIDEWALK! There was a rule passed this year to reign in lobbying excess called the fork and knife rule. Read more about it here. Fancy restaurants in the Denver area were actually removing their silverware and creating fancy finger food menus so the DNC elites could technically slide by on the rules. It’s good story, an honest story, yet the DNC doesn’t like good honest stories.


  5. How Does One Become a Delegate?

    Tired of getting nowhere with the Democratic big wigs, I decided to go talk with the delegates. My question: “Why do you support BHO?” Some of the responses I received…Because he will fix the house problem, He will create 10 million green jobs, He will create 5 million green jobs, He will end the war in Iraq, Fix economy, Get us off fossil fuels in ten years, He will bring economic fairness, Provide free health care, Because he is for the future, He will save the world. The difference between myself and the rest of the nimrods in the mainstream press is that I believe that people should actually explain their answer, so the natural follow up question I posed to these responses was, “How?” The responses I received from the brilliant free-thinking delegates ranged from, Check the website, Change, Are you a Republican, Dirty looks, and some unmentionable nastiness.


    BHO has managed to become a religion that cannot be questioned or challenged by the true-believers. You must take a leap of faith and come to BHO and leave all of your reason and rationality behind. Don’t question. Don’t think. Just vote for BHO.


    Pretty frightening.
























August 28, 2008

I have a really busy day today! We have to pick up and move the snake pit of wires 2miles down the road to Invesco. Good times.

Clinton the political master wowed them last night. Much better attitude on the floor. However, why are all the Clintonistas (Carville, Estrich, Begalia etc.) downplaying it? Estrich stated that she is getting flooded by emails from women that still state they will never vote for BHO the magnificent. All the drama, it’s like Melrose Place.

I got fed up with trying to get anybody from Congress to comment on anything specific, so I started interviewing delegates. I cannot overstate the comedic value; I will post some of the comments later.


August 27, 2008



August 27, 2008

Democratic operatives comparing Clinton’s speech to Ronald Reagan’s speech at the RNC in 1976, when everyone knew they bet on the wrong horse.

Pain in the ass

August 27, 2008

The DNC has tried to make everything in Denver politically and environmentally correct, including having no air conditioning on radio row.

They also forced downtown Denver hotels to switch from plastic key cards to bio-degradable wooden ones. I am here to report that they had to switch back to good old plastic.

The reason: Delegates were putting the cards in their back pockets and ended up getting splinters in their derrieres.

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I wanted to.

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