I have had a rough week…

Anyone who has listened to my daily radio on WTMY in Sarasota Bradenton is well aware of how infuriated I am with the mainstream media and their coverage of BHO the Magnificent and his policies. This tire pressure thing is an embarrassment. The funny thing is that many of his idiot followers will go out and fill their tires up too much and have blowouts all over the place. I wonder if I could statistics from AAA? Seriously, this guy is so unqualified for the job it’s terrifying.

How terrifying?

Terrifying enough that I actually wrote to Senator Clinton pleading with her to seek the nomination at the convention. I am not kidding. I want what is best for the country, and I would much rather have her going against McCain then BHO.

If you have not seen the clips here they are…




The arrogance in clip two is truly amazing. This is guy is so confident that the press will cover for him on anything (why shouldn’t he be, they got him the nomination) he averages down on his moronic idea.

God Bless America…PLEASE

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