I have been working incognito infiltrating the Democratic and Main Stream Media ranks.

I cannot stress enough, their complete unease in regards to BHO the Magnificent’s pick of Joseph Biden as a running mate.

It has risen the specter of the “word that not may be used ever”…

Democrats are very uncomfortable right now and are actually putting their talking points together, in how to handle all the obvious questions. I have to admit that the Biden pick makes me feel a little better. If BHO wins, at least we will have someone who is at least fit for the task nearby. I always want what is best for the country, and during the primaries I stated that I wished Biden would get the nomination. Not because he would be the easiest to defeat. The reason being is that if my candidate were to lose, at least we wouldn’t be facing a Jimmy Carter scenario.

My analogy of the Democratic dilemma…

Stephen Jobs is the CEO of Apple Computers. We all are well aware of what he has done with that company.

Currently Stephen Jobs is fighting cancer. If God-forbid Stephen Jobs is no-longer able to function in his duties he would need to find a successor.

Apple has run some pretty humorous advertisements over the past year pitting a dorky PC vs. a cool Mac played by Justin Long. Justin is an actor, a pitchman for Apple, and is good at what he does. However, reading some lines in a cute and funny manner certainly does not qualify him to take over for Mr. Jobs. That is BHO a good pitchman, great at delivering the lines, a lot of style no substance.

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