It’s getting ridiculous

Embargo Day II

Trying to get these wimps to talk is really starting to tick me off.

I was lucky to get Michael Cupiano D-MA on the show today and we had a spirited discussion regarding the national debt and social security. The audio will be up on the site soon. I complained to one of the congressional aides about the black-balling and his response was enlightening…

“Cupiano came on because he doesn’t care; he knows he is getting re-elected anyway. The rest are just following orders.”

We broadcast in a tiny room with about 15 shows going on at the same time; they created a box for all of us malcontents. We cannot turn the air conditioner on because it makes too much noise. The floor looks like the snake chamber from Raiders of the Lost Arc, with wires snaking all over the floor. The Neal Boortz program got knocked off the air yesterday because someone tripped on the wrong wire.

I have a plethora of guest appearances I need to make today so I need to run. When I spot Hillary I will let you know.

SOUND OFF PEOPLE!! What did you think of Michelle’s speech?

P.S. I think Pelosi is letting the botox get to her brain and tongue…she now dictates Catholic dogma, and doesn’t think natural gas is a fuel. That litany of nothing she read off in her speech was pathetic, and everyone including democrats and the main stream press knew it and was talking about it today. Is it being reported on?

Of coarse not.

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