Some Observations from the Media Party

Yesterday evening I attended the media party held at the Mill Museum on the riverfront in Minneapolis. Most of the attendees were print journalists from around the country and the world, with a few television stars as well.

Some observations:

The media IS IN THE TANK for BHO the magnificent. I was actually involved in some conversations where “journalists” were plotting how they could takedown McCain/Palin. They KNOW that Palin was a very good pick by McCain and are frightened by her.

The media is overwhelmingly socialist. Several debates I was involved in yesterday evening centered on how terribly unfair our capitalist system is. They consistently draw upon Europe as a model; some even cited places such as Cuba and Venezuela as examples we should adapt. It is fun to be involved in these conversations, especially when they start tearing apart business owners and how selfish we are. I love when they start saying how evil and terrible we all are, not realizing that I am one! I love chiming in after a lengthy irrational rant, “Well, I happen to be a business owner and a conservative. Am I evil?” The looks on their face are priceless. FYI…They are coming after you physicians as well! The dogma is that you make too much money and need to stop charging so much.

Profit is a terrible thing and needs to be done away with.

Republicans throw much better parties in regards to parties. Lamb chops, paella, grilled corn on the cob, watermelon gazpacho, portobello salads, BV wines and quality deserts (R) vs. tacos and horse wine (D). No bias here, even the socialists will back me up on this.




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