Palin Chronicles

The emails that I have received from our readers and listeners have ranged from: “For the first time in many years I am proud to be a Republican.” to “She could be the next Ronald Reagan.”

The GOP fundraising has gone through the roof since this past Friday since she was named as McCain’s choice.

The media is giving it the ole college try to the 10th power in an effort to discredit her and destroy her. First, they floated the ridiculous notion that she was too inexperienced; and how it would hurt McCain’s chances of winning because he could no longer point out BHO’s light credentials. However, when comparing resumes, she blows BHO the magnificent away.

This past weekend, they tried to push a rumor that her last child was not hers, it was her daughter’s. You should have seen the media’s glee when that story started cycling around here. In a complete exercise in futility, I tried to explain to one left wing reporter that even if it was true, it would turn out to be a positive for her in the eyes of conservatives, not a negative.

Another rumor was floated, was that it was her fault that she had a child with Down ‘s syndrome. They said she didn’t have proper pre-natal care.

Reporter John Roberts floated the idea that she was being irresponsible in running with John McCain because she would be neglecting her child.

Today, when the news broke that her 17 year old daughter was pregnant, you should have seen the press come alive with excitement and cheer. Her daughter is keeping the baby and marrying the father. What the media doesn’t understand is that once again this will bolster the case for her, rather than hinder it. It’s amazing…left, right, we are literally like two different species. One reporter stationed near me while I was getting a coffee, made the comment of what a terrible mother Sarah Palin is for forcing her daughter to keep the baby, and the only right thing to do is to have an abortion.

This statement gave me déjà vu. Back at the RNC in 2004, I got in to a shouting match with a reporter lackey from The Nation magazine, who told me that our country needs as many abortions as possible, especially people born in to poverty. I happen to be with one of best friends who just so happened to have born in to that same situation, who happens to be quite successful today.

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