Rain Out

It is really quiet here today. With the condensed scheduled (7 hours to 2) there is not much going on. In fact many talk shows decided to take the day off.

Interesting fact: You would think that the biggest most profitable radio shows in the land would be set up with the latest most sophisticated in broadcasting equipment available and the biggest staffs. Not so. The stations with the coolest gadgets and an army of staff are none other than the NPR stations. The station two booths down from me has two flat screen computers going just for their clock. These stations have armies of staff, doing what, I don’t know. I was thinking about going over and asking to use their stuff and asking to use some of their staff since technically I helped pay for it; however I decided against it, the NPR types don’t have a sense of humor.

About 14 protestors arrested so far. I went over to their staging area in front of the capital steps. (Beautiful capital, in fact they have some really nice architecture in the twin cities.) Compared to the RNC 2004, this is basically a non-event. It’s funny to watch how the various camera crews try to frame their shots to make it seem as if there are many more people than there are.

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