Comment from a Listener

Yes, the picture of the a well-dressed person with the $500 Blackberry cell phone receiving a government funded “free” meal is priceless.

There’s just something about the statist way of thinking about government funded free anything that just doesn’t make common sense.

The collectivists just don’t get the irony, because living in the commune is “the life of Riley” so don’t knock a gift giver of other people’s tax money in the teeth, I guess.

I already have a link to your site on my Blogspot site, so I will be posting something there later today with a link to you about this with a post of the picture… THAT is priceless… pay for the Blackberry phone then go for a free lunch!!!

Ps. I can only listen to you on the radio on Saturday morning’s for 2 hours here in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Do you have plans for going 3 hours national afternoon head-to-head with Hannity?

With your laser focus on Wallstreet and Washington from a topical perspective re: the “Tea Parties”… and Sarah Palin… and Cap & Trade… and “Obama Care”… and 40+ and counting mini-me Ceasers so that Obama can circumvent the appointment approval process… and, well Obama is busy, isn’t he…

… have you thought of taking on Hannity immediately following Rush?

Your substantive perspective is sorely needed on the national airwaves.

As much as I like Sean Hannity, you remind me more of Rush Limbaugh with your in-depth analysis and strong presentation of your opinion, and also like Rush, without bragging because you “know your stuff” and you present it very persuasively.

Today it looks like Cap & Trade has bitten the dust because the House & Senate is, uh, kinda tied up with selling “Obama Care” because the commune is asking for change, uh huh, yeah.

Obama doesn’t mind mortgaging our children’s future, for the good of the commune, of course, but I’m starting to hear, the cry is faint right now, but some children are starting to get the implications and ramifications of “change” and I hear the chorus growing louder and louder and LOUDER…



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One Comment on “Comment from a Listener”

  1. pelinore Says:

    Cap and Trade is really in the Senate’s court now and there it will likely die. Too many Senators with rural counties won’t like it.

    Do you think Governor Palin will lend her voice to the chorus soon?

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